‘I am on a mission to the Olympic Games in Rio’


The Return on Education of Elisa Ostet – Sport Leadership Program


Elisa Ostet, participant of Nyenrode’s Sports Leadership Program, is on a mission to the Olympic Games in Rio. In the upcoming months she will be working as an assistant for both the National Olympic Committee (NOC) and National Paralympic Committee (NPC) on a voluntary base. During this journey she is eager to find a job to combine with her passion: ‘I want to put the spotlight on heroes!’

Read the full interview at <a href=”http://newsroom.nyenrode.nl/ik-ga-recht-op-mijn-missie-af-tijdens-de-spelen-in-rio/” target=”_blank”>Nyenrode.nl (Dutch) </a>
<h2>Intro video Nyenrode Sports Inc</h2>
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